As u might notice i’m a huge fan of the Star Wars game ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ (AKA KOTOR). I loved the storyline! Unfortunately there was no real ending to the 2 KOTOR games. It ended in a big mystery. But finally after a couple of years, Star Wars The Old Republic came out. Playing out 100 years later in the same story of the KOTOR series. The game promised to be awesome. The only difference was that it tried something new. It tried to replace World of Warcraft. Wich is mainly based around “farming” experience points to increase in rank and become higher on the online charts. I personally never really enjoyed killing mindlessly for experience points so i could kill bigger creatures and etc. I want to play a story and evolve as the story evolves.. well alas.
I also missed the realistic sword fighting that was so unique in Knights of the Old Republic. And i missed precise limb removal under the assistance of a light saber..(It wasn’t in KOTOR either.. but hey now while I’m at it right?) Well enough ranting..! The Old Republic is still a great game if you have enough time to play!